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The Considerate Carnivore

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Eat meat the considerate way and become a Considerate Carnivore.
Ethical meat, sustainably sourced from high welfare British regenerative farms. Supplying Grass fed, pasture for life, free range and outdoor reared delicious meat butchered using traditional methods and hand selected from farms that care. Serving in store at Locks Heath Shopping Village, Hampshire and online direct to your door nationwide.
We believe transparency is key. Nowadays it is important to know exactly how your meat was reared, where it comes from and who makes sure that the animals are allowed to be as nature intended.
The benefits of eating “clean meat” are now well documented and to do this in an ethical way for the animal AND for the environment aiming towards sustainability and regeneration is what we strive for.
Everything we do, from sourcing to your plate takes into consideration the welfare of the animal, the pastures and you.
Help us on our journey. Become a Considerate Carnivore.
2 Friends, 1 Idea and then it started…

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